About BornDigital Solutions:​

Justin, the founder and CEO of BDS, started his IT career in 1995 working for Apple reseller “Logical Solutions” in Sydney, Australia. 

After completing his Apple Level 1 certification and later becoming a Certified Apple Engineer, he was posted as a outsourced Support Engineer at Optus communications at Optus Centre Sydney (aka “OCS”) where he quickly rose up the ranks to a Systems Engineer. Optus, at the time, was the 3rd largest Apple site in the world consisting of 8500+ desktop and 2000+ servers.

Logical Solutions was them bought by Fujitsu and Justin was transferred to their company and remained as, now, a Senior Cross Platform Systems Engineer based at Optus Vision in Chatswood where he was in charge of interfacing back end Novel, Linux and Windows NT systems with Apple front end GUI applications working alongside vendors like Oracle, IBM GSM, SAP, Xerox, Lexmark and – obviously Optus Comms and Optus Vision – Which later merged to become Cable & Wireless Optus.

Fast forward a few years and heading toward Y2K and Compaq (later merging with Hewlett Packard) won the IT Outsourcing contract and due to a anti poaching contract with HP had to be “bought out” of Fujitsu to join Compaq, remaining as Outsourced at C&W-Optus, later becoming, as it remains today SingTel Optus.

Justin’s new role became Team Leader – Technical Integration Team, where he lead a team of 20 engineers to plan, test and implement the complete migration of Optus to Windows platform from MacOS. By this stage 10,000+ desktops and 4500+ servers.

Compaq leased a complete floor across the road from OCS (50 Miller St) and it became the teams “Lab” where testing and vendor meetings filled his life while the slide migration was completed Australia wide over the space of 18 months – he acquired millions of frequent flyer points.

During this period Y2k was occurring so part of the testing process meant ensuring all billing systems would be compatible and a countries entire mobile network did not crash. A backup (failback system) was built at Castle Hill – Castle Hill Operations Centre (CHOC) was born.  

Justin, during this decade, became a Certified Apple Engineer (CAE), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Certified Novel Administrator (CNA) and Certified Cisco Network Engineer (CCNE).

With all the experience and qualifications over the years, Justin formed BornDigital in early 2005 and left Hewlett Packard to start his own IT company specifically targeting the  SME Market – bringing “big business IT” to small business.

Now with management contracts all around Australia, and now starting in Thailand, BornDigital has continued to grow its services by staying up to date with technology changes and developing offerings that cater to those changes. 

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