Client Case Study :: pH Roofing Services.

Some of my clients don’t wish to be named, but I was lucky enough to be allowed to post my latest client, Paul, from pH Roofing in Sydney.

Paul, after the Xmas break, was looking to refresh his website and start running some online advertisements to get some work in but didn’t know where to start.

So I evaluated his business and came up with a list of things he wasn’t utilising and came up with an approach to move to a more “omni-channel approach” to his business’s  marketing, online.

This involved firstly updating his website to a new modern template with more copy – and a blog.

His logo was tired so a new one was done.

Then Facebook , Google ‘mybusiness’, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube pages all created and branded and all linked together – including loading tracking and analytic through google search, analytics, tag management consoles.

MailChimp implemented to create and track email marketing.

Finally a platform to market and measure, in real time, all marketing efforts. From the top to the bottom…

Further, we had to look to the future of getting organic search results to rise for his primary, secondary keywords for his industry – so keyword analysis was done and created.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a longer term project but crucial to any business. Google review’s API’s were acquired and linked to the website, so the all important stars in the search will finally show up (helping with rankings) as well as site coding tweaks to make it as fast and trim as possible while maintaining quality of layout and images.

All these factors bode well for the future indexing of the website as it will continue to grow with regular articles that will also form part of an email newsletter campaign.

So… Where do a lot of the leads come from?

Well, in this industry, a lot of people google for “roof leaking” and similar terms like this. So google adwords has been employed to help boost lead generation at the coal front. This has been very effective.

Moving forward some facebook advertising (very targeted) is in place to garner work from property managers, and likewise LinkedIn has furnished further lead generation through a targeted email campaign with landing pages to track the clicks and conversions as well as list non-conversions for “re-targeting” later.

With re-targeting you need the data, so the first few months is gathering that data so that it can be utilised in split marketing campaigns to see what works best.

Most of all, the importance of exclusion of someone that has converted. This is where a lot of money is wasted and is often overlooked by most online marketers as they forget that protecting your clients ad spend is their job too!

Utilising Google Analytics and doing regular reports is invaluable for us, but also the client. They can see the traffic that is coming from each campaign, what works and doesn’t. How far each part of the sales funnel people get to etc and the bottle necks.

As you’ve read quite a lot goes into running a successful campaign and making sure every element of your business looks and feels professional you get results.

I find with most clients they just don’t have the time and/or know how to make this all happen. It is many hours of work, and also when a campaign(s) are live they must be monitored and tweaked to get the right audience and results. It is never set and forget.

Go check out his website, links to other social media can be followed from there: pH Roofing Services

Anyways, that’s all for this installment. Stay tuned for more information and success stories by signing up for the newsletter here.

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