BornDigital Cloud Based Solutions

Technological evolutions and technologies, such as the cloud, mobility, Big Data, analytics, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are both enablers and accelerators of innovation and digital transformation.

At BornDigital, we are a technology solutions company, we firmly believe that all businesses will benefit from cloud adoption. 

We provide digital transformation consulting enabling cloud technologies delivering the reliability, agility, scalability, security and performance from cloud-based technology solutions – with the customer’s journey at the center of everything we do.

Our onboarding services, platforms and solutions encompass:

Cloud Consulting and migration

Taking your business needs and processes into consideration we will formulate a plan that elimitaes downtime and ensures continuity and support.

Digital asset management

Every asset will be audited and entered into our monitoring sytems to patch, detect and monitor performance and update as necessary to ensure no issues arise.

IoT and analytics solutions

Extract valuable insights from IoT data, regardless of volume, velocity or variety. Use that insight to make sound decisions and take action quickly, even in real time.

  • We will help you, our customers, implement the path with the best ROI.

Managed Cloud Services

We manage the Digital assets for customers in Financial, Enterprise and Media domains where parameters like uptime, restoration and support are key.

Key facets of our 24×7 Managed Cloud Operations are:

Security & Governance

Use of industry-leading security toolkits, policy-driven access control and Audits.

Analytics & Optimization

Audit, Policy-driven asset management, Cloud Billing Analytics and Asset optimization reports.

High Availability & Performance

Enterprise-grade monitoring system, certified support engineers, distributed NOC facility, and SLA-driven support. 

Automation & Devops

Arcus platform-driven cloud management, continuous enhancement in Devops and Automation.