BornDigital Solutions New Website – MORE Service offerings!

First Happy 2019 to all our existing and prospective clients! We here, at BornDigital, wish you all the success you deserve 🙂

So… As you can see our website has been totally revamped. Gone is the good ole robot and dated information for a up to date wordpress site. Much like we create for our customers.

Also, while we were at it, new corporate colors and logo to start the year fresh and new – with a host of new features and services.

We have retired our ole faithful spicework helpdesk for a integrated “Awesome Helpdesk” solution.

This ties in with our website and is much more mobile friendly now with some backend stuff that ensures tickets go to correct staff members and clients are kept up to date.

Further to this we are launching, finally, our eMarketing (Digital Marketing Services) and Amazon Seller Services.

We have for the past few years kept them to ourselves a little while we learned as well as established ourselves as experts in these fields.

We’ve expanded our team and put together the systems and materials to on-board clients quickly and efficiently.

Soon we will put up some little video testimonials from some of our happy customers.

We are most excited to now offer these two services and help others to grow their business whether it be online eCommerce using Amazon (or their own website) to getting more leads and work using our eMarketing platform.

Our eMarketing platform has a whole host of goodies using some AI technologies and also Virtual Assistants to streamline peoples sales funnels into conversions.

We have surprised ourselves how successful it has been!!

So… As a opener for 2019 we are offering a free 14 day trial of the service.

Only you pay cost price (you set a daily budget) of any paid PPC advertising we do to generate leads.

We are also offering a free consultation and quotation on Amazon on-boarding services.

Contact us today with a outline of what you need help with and we will schedule a call!!

// I will soon be releasing more detailed blogs with details of each service – this is where I will post some videos and screenshots of results.

Till then thanks for reading, and please like and share!!

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